What is NoMoreClipboard.com?

NoMoreClipboard.com is a secure, online Personal Health Record (PHR) that patients can use to compile, manage and share medical information for themselves and their family members.


Why is NORTH QUABBIN FAMILY PHYSICIANS, PC listed on NoMoreClipboard.com?

NoMoreClipboard.com enables members to store information on their physicians and other medical professionals in their PHR. Our application includes an online database of physicians, practices, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies compiled from publicly accessible sources. Members can find medical professionals in this database and add them to their PHR. The Medical Professional Information page for NORTH QUABBIN FAMILY PHYSICIANS, PC provides patients with this publicly accessible data.


What happens if a member tries to communicate with NORTH QUABBIN FAMILY PHYSICIANS, PC via NoMoreClipboard.com?

When a NoMoreClipboard.com member wants to share their PHR with a selected medical professional, NoMoreClipboard.com generates a 'standard form' optimized by specialty which summarizes demographic and medical information that a healthcare provider would typically ask for on its registration forms. We then send this information to the office on behalf of the member, and only to a fax number for the office verified by NoMoreClipboard.com staff.

NoMoreClipboard.com also offers members a concierge level service. If a concierge member sends their PHR to a selected medical professional, we make every effort to eliminate or minimize the need to fill out paper registration forms. We can scan and define the specific registration forms used by that selected medical professional, and render concierge member health information directly on those forms. The medical professional then receives forms that are more legible, accurate and complete.

Medical professionals can also sponsor NoMoreClipboard.com for all of their patients, offering NoMoreClipboard.com as a convenient method for online registration. To learn more about creating a branded patient registration portal and other NoMoreClipboard.com services for physicians, please visit NMC-MD.


What if my Medical Professional Information page is not accurate?
If your Medical Professional Information page is inaccurate, please update your information on our Data Correction Page by clicking here.